We all know that Bifocal lenses give you the freedom of using only one pair of glasses for everything, so that you don’t need a separate pair of reading glasses and separate pair of distance glasses. However the major drawback of Bifocal lenses, is the unsightly and annoying line across your lenses.

Varifocals overcome this issue without the line, still giving you sharp vision at all distances. However not all Varifocal lenses are the same. The varifocal lenses from ThinLenses are designed for sharp focusing and ultimate comfort. Our Lightweight Varifocal lenses allow you to change your focus with minimal eye movement. This means that you won’t need to move your head, or eyes into uncomfortable or unnatural positions.

In the past, Varifocals have only been available in old fashioned frames with larger lens diameters. At ThinLenses we use the latest technology allowing us to offer lightweight Varifocal lenses in every frame that we supply, whether your want reading glasses , prescription glasses , fashion glasses or designer glasses. The varifocal lenses from ThinLenses are available with either plastic lenses or glass lenses. Even if you need High Index Varifocal Lenses , Transitions varifocal Lenses then we can provide the lenses you need with the style to suit you. And remember all our varifocal lenses come with free Anti Reflective coating, free UV400 coating and free Scratch Resistant coating.

Varifocal Glasses Online

The varifocal lenses from ThinLenses give you the style you want with the lenses you need. . With our Virtual Mirror it is really easy to find the perfect pair of varifocal glasses online.

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