Transition lenses react to changes in the level of UV light, they are totally clear when worn indoors and darken automatically when worn outdoors. They offer full protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which is essential for healthy eyes.

There are many brands of photochromic lenses available including Sun Sensors, Reactalites, Reactions and Transitions. However, Transitions lead the way in photochromic lens technology, and independent reviews have confirmed this. If you want the crème de la crème of lenses, get the real deal and choose Transitions, not cheap imitations.

Available in brown or grey, Transitions will change from totally clear to a dark shade in under 60 seconds. This is called advanced variable-tint technology that allows fast darkening when you go outside and fast return to clear when you when come indoors, as well as providing 100% UV protection.

Reasons to buy Transitions

  1. Transition Lenses let you have one pair of glasses for everything. The beauty of transitions lenses is that they eliminate the need for numerous pairs of glasses.
  2.  Transitions are cost effective. Many people have a separate pair of glasses for all the different activities they under take. For example, they may have a separate pair of reading glasses, a separate pair of distance glasses and a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, none of which are cheap. By choosing a single pair of Varifocal Transition glasses, you can replace all of these and save a fortune.
  3.  Transitions are extremely versatile, Transitions are available for both single vision and varifocals, and for stronger prescriptions are even available with 1.74 index and 1.67 index lens options, ensuring that we can still have super thin lenses.
  4.  Transition lenses can be fitted into any style of frame so whether you have your heart set on a rimless, half rim or fully rimmed frame you have the ultimate freedom to express your personality.
  5. Transition Lenses come in a choice of either grey or brown tint so you can easily co-ordinate the lens colour with your chosen frame.

Try Transition Lenses for yourself but make sure that you that get the real deal, not the cheap imitations that some High Street opticians and websites will try and sell you

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