Glass High Index Lenses

ThinLenses are the High Index Lenses Specialists. Unlike most other websites and High Street Opticians we offer you the complete choice of both Plastic High Index Lenses and Glass High Index Lenses. Catering for all prescriptions, we have a wide variety of Glass Lenses ranging from standard Glass 1.5 Index to top of the range super thin Glass 1.9 Index lenses.

For stronger prescriptions Glass High Index lenses are significantly thinner than the equivalent Plastic High Index Lenses. Glass lenses have superior visual clarity, and will give the best overall result aesthetically.

Glass High Index Lenses available from ThinLenses

  • 1.5 Glass High Index Lenses £99.00
  • 1.7 Glass High Index Lenses £151.00
  • 1.8 Glass High Index Lenses £233.00
  • 1.9 Glass High Index Lenses £284.00

All our lenses come with free anti reflective coating, scratch resistant coating and UV400 coating.

Advantages of Glass High Index Lenses

  • Superb visual clarity
  • Recommended for people with strong “minus” prescriptions (ie short or near sighted prescriptions) as they are always thinner than the equivalent plastic lenses.
  • Glass lenses are very difficult to scratch
  • Available for both single vision & varifocal

Disadvantages of Glass High Index Lenses

  • Marginally heavier than plastic lenses (most people will not notice the weight difference after a few days of wearing them)
  • They are a bit more fragile than plastic lenses. They are ideal for daily wear but not recommended for people participating in high impact sports.
  • Only available as clear lenses.