How To Choose The Right Frame

Nowadays glasses are not just a necessity but have become an essential fashion accessory. Choosing the right designer frame can make all the difference to getting the look that you want. Remember that with our low prices you can afford to get a pair for every occasion.

Why not use our Virtual Mirror and Virtual Assistant to ensure that you end up with the perfect frame? In addition to this, we have put together some useful hints and tips for you.

Face Shape

Most peoples faces tend to fall into one of the following categories

OVAL FACES People with Square faces should choose narrow frames that soften the facial lines and add the illusion of lengthROUND FACES People with Round faces should focus on narrow frames with more angular lines to add definition, length and interest to the face
DIAMOND AND HEART People with Diamond and heart shaped faces would best suit narrow frames.SQUARE FACES People with Square faces should choose narrow frames that soften the facial lines and add the illusion of length
OBLONG FACE People with Oblong face shapes will benefit from added width or contrasting hapesPEAR SHAPED FACES People with Pear shaped faces are flattered by wide or angular shaped frames.

Making sure that you choose the right size glasses or sunglasses

Understanding the measurements shown is very important to making sure that you choose a frame that looks good and fits correctly. All frame measurements are given in millimetres and can usually be found on the inside of the arm or on the inside of the bridge.

For example, a frame with the following numbers, 50-20-140, means that the lens diameter is 50mm, the nose bridge is 20mm and the arm length is 140mm.

Lens Diameter: This is measured across the lens from the bridge

Bridge: This is the area which sits directly above your nose

Arm Length: This is the length of the arms on the frame

Before choosing a new frame we recommend that you look at your existing glasses and make a note of the measurements. You can then use these as a guide to ensure that your new frame is a perfect fit.

Whether you have a strong prescription, a complex prescription or simple prescription, ThinLenses can help. Choosing the right pair of reading glasses, prescription glasses, fashion glasses or designer glasses that fit perfectly with either glass lenses or plastic lenses, is essential to getting the look that you want. We provide glasses with single vision lenses, varifocal lenses, transitions lenses or high index lenses.