Double Aspheric Lenses

ThinLenses are the High Index Lenses Specialists. Unlike most other websites and High Street Opticians we offer a comprehensive range of High Index Lens options. The latest innovation in High Index Lens technology is Double Aspheric Lenses. Standard High Index Lenses are only surfaced on one side. Double Aspheric Lenses, also known as Bi Aspheric lenses, are surfaced on both sides of the lens giving them a much flatter & thinner look.

Super Flat Double Aspheric (or Bi Aspheric) Lenses available from ThinLenses

  • 1.61 Plastic Double Aspheric Lenses £139.00
  • 1.67 Plastic Double Aspheric Lenses £189.00
  • 1.74 Plastic Double Aspheric Lenses £252.00

All our lenses come with free anti reflective coating, scratch resistant coating and UV400 coating.

Advantages of Double Aspheric Lenses

  • Flatter and thinner than standard High Index Lenses as they have been surfaced on both sides
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Double Aspheric Lenses are available for both single vision & varifocal
  • Can be tinted and made into Sunglasses
  • Double Aspheric Lenses can be fitted into any type of frame including rimless and semi rimless
  • Double Aspheric Lenses reduce the eye magnification or reduction problem some people have with stronger prescriptions
  • Perfect for everyday wear including sporting activities.

Disadvantages of Double Aspheric Lenses

  • Even with a good quality scratch resistant coating, care still needs to be taken as plastic lenses are easier to scratch.
  • For stronger prescriptions, the overall result will not be as thin as Glass High Index Lenses.