Double Aspheric Lenses explained

Double Aspheric Lenses explained

For many years the solution for people with strong or complex solutions has been High Index Lenses. Available from either the High street or online stores High Index Lenses have an Aspheric design. Simply put, this means the lenses have been surfaced on one side only.

With the latest innovations in Thin Lenses technology there is now an even better solution – Double Aspheric Lenses, also known as Bi Aspheric Lenses or DA Lenses. They are different to standard High Index Lenses in that they have been surfaced on both sides of the lens. This makes them significantly flatter and thinner than traditional Plastic High Index Lenses. 

Double Aspheric Lenses are a great choice for people with stronger or more complex prescriptions. The great news is that they now come in three different indexes, you can choose from Plastic 1.61 DA, 1.67 DA and super thin 1.74 DA. 

There are some factors that you need to consider before deciding whether Double Aspheric lenses are the best option for you. This depends on your prescription and what you want to use your glasses for.


  • Double Aspheric Lenses have a thinner and flatter look than standard High Index Lenses. They will give a better result than the equivalent aspheric High Index Plastic Lenses.


  • Double Aspheric Lenses are lightweight and durable, and are suitable for all types of frame including rimless, semi rimless and full rim frames. They are also safe to use for sporting activities.


  • Double Aspheric Lenses are available for both single vision and varifocal prescriptions.


  • Double Aspheric Lenses can also be tinted and made into sunglass lenses.


  • Double Aspheric Lenses have a flatter surface area than standard high index lenses. They reduce optical distortion and help to improve peripheral vision. For people who are long sighted and have a strong plus prescription, the magnification effect when someone is looking at them will be significantly reduced. The same applies for people who are short sighted and have a strong minus prescription. Standard High Index Lenses often will make their eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Double Aspheric Lenses will minimise this effect.



  • Double Aspheric Lenses are currently not available in Transitions.


  • If you have a strong minus prescription you may wish to consider High Index Glass 1.9 lenses as these will give you an even thinner result.


To find out if Double Aspheric Lenses are the best option for your prescription, please contact one of our customer service team on 020 8150 3484 or You can also find more information here.

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